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[Pinned] Mythic Raid team standards

Hey team, I just wanna address something that's been a bit of concern as of late. As a mythic raider you are required to bring your A game to each mythic raid dungeon encounter. I know we have some bosses that we've killed and we are technically 4...
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[Pinned] Greetings
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[Pinned] Greetings

Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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[Pinned] Missing a raid? Post on discord.

If you need to miss a raid please post on discord you will be missing. We no longer check the site for reporting missing ppl.
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[Pinned] DKP and Loot
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[Pinned] DKP and Loot

Hello friends,Thought I would make a quick guide of the site regarding loot. Everyone should be able to see this including those of you in the guild who decided not to register. You plebs. lolIf you want to find out what items you have taken. Foll...
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Nighthold DKP

Hey team just wanted to let everyone know what the officer team decided about dkp for nighthold. We decided that we are gonna do a point carry over. Whatever your total was for emerald nightmare/trial of valor we took that and squished it if you w...
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Regular Nightbane run over the break?

Hi all,I'm looking for four others that are going to be around for the break that would like to do a regular nightbane run for the next few weeks (and into January so everyone gets the mount). My hope is to bring my DK (Nadraine), but I can also b...
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I miss you fuckers. That is all.
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Wednesday Alt Raid

We have dropped Heroic Emerald Nightmare for the main raid and will now be running Heroic during the Alt run. We will add Trial of Valor as normal starting next week (11/16). We plan to go directly to heroic Trail of Valor during the main raid a...
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My gaming site

Over the last three months I've been working on building my own gaming site: The launch of Legion has already been really successful for the site and I thought I would ask for some feedback from people I know. Tell me...
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First week done!

Great job guys! 5 out of 7 heroic on our first week of raiding is amazing. Was great to get back into raiding with everyone and the new faces. Hope it continues on into our 2nd week. YUR.
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Just to let you know I demoted you to trial on the site so you won't be able to see some of the stuff you did before.
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Weekly Strategy Group.

So I don't know about you guys, but I couldn't be more excited for legion. I think it will be the best expansion since wrath, I also think that we have the best raid group going into that I've seen in years. We've had problems in years past with r...
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General Discussion

Dungeon/Raid info for Legion like September 20th everyone will need to be ready for Normal & Heroics & Mythic Dungeon keystones and a week later for mythics!Who is exci...
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Legion Raid Roster

All right, team. To the best of my knowledge, here's what our raid roster looks like during Legion based on what people have said they'd like to play. Please let the officership know about any corrections/modifications needed. Tanks Nostus (Mirke)...
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Challenge mode pet

If you love collecting pets, we just finished the guild gold challenge modes last night for warlords. If you go to the guild vendor in one of the major cities there should be a new pet there.
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Legion Raiding Days Discussion

What's up everyoneI've overheard the topic of changing our raid days and times tossed around for a while now, and I wanted to see where everyone stands as far as our raid days.I'm open to raiding 2 or 3 nights a week given that it's what a majorit...
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Raiding come Legion

I have a couple of questions and maybe others do also. Obviously if these have been addressed just ignore me.When we will start raiding after release? What will the Dracs/Markoo's do since these are alt's and they raid a main during the week?Who...
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Legion Raiding Confirmation

Hey GuysWith Legion coming in less than three months, I'd like to start planning our raid composition and other things associated with raiding. If you guys would, please post what class you plan on playing in Legion at the moment (Even if you may ...
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