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Hello friend,

Welcome! Thanks for choosing Bad guys. I'd like to give you some information regarding our guild and maybe answer some questions you might have about our guild.

We are a horde guild located on the U.S. server Mal'Ganis. The Mal'Ganis server is a PVP U.S. central standard time server. It's mostly populated by horde guilds.

Our background

Bad guys is a guild formed from a group of friends who use to raid together on the server Arygos (U.S. PVE). Our former guild was called OMEN. We use to be the top raiding guild on the server and one of the highest ranked U.S. server guilds in terms of progression. Most of us have been raiding together and on our own since vanilla. We picked up alot of new friends along the way and have enjoyed having them stay with us. The majority of our members are in their 30s. We are a mature guild. We also love to joke around and make fun of each other on occasion. So if you are the type of person who gets easily offended this might not be the guild for you. We love promoting longevity and want people who love to raid and grow a friendship not only in the game but outside the game as well.

Our guild master is the one and only Ilnadi

Our current officers are :

Mirke, Zeno, Miryuel, Rendish, Gingersnáp, Owlkaboom and Prales

Our recruitment team is :
Manny and Gingersnap

Current raid Schedule
Saturday and Sunday 6PM - 10PM Server time.

Our progression as well as class needs is off to the left anywhere on the site.

What we expect from our potential raid recruits
An Ilvl comparable to our current content : 880+
All of your gear MUST be Enchanted and Gemmed (If you have sockets)

Dungeon level knowledge of fights for your role. (You should know ahead of time the basics of what you need to do to help the raid succeed. Plenty of videos on Youtube to help explain in detail.)

Enough Food, Flasks, and Runes for the night. (Vantus runes gets you bonus points.)

A positive attitude(We are a complete drama free guild and do not want anyone who causes problems.)

85-90% monthly attendance rate (This is our biggest problem as a guild. We need people who are going to show up week after week. It's understandable if you need to miss but we expect you to show up every week on both days.)

Addons we use and require.
RClootcouncil (We use it to distribute loot.)

How we distribute loot
We use a loot council (Composed of all officers)that vote based on attendance, loot taken, and strength of upgrade. Each officer uses their own personal criteria when voting.
Note : All trial members will be eligible for loot. All new members will be on trial for at least a month before we consider giving you a full time raid spot. Trial members will normally only receive loot if the item will be disenchanted.

If you would like to see some of our kill logs you can click the media tab on our site and select warcraft logs and it will take you to our most recent kill logs.

That about wraps it up. If you have any further questions that can't be answered here immediately you are more than welcome to add one of our recruitment officers on battletag and we'll be happy to discuss recruitment with you. Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon.

Zeno (zeno#1740)
Gingersnap (wheesper#1889)

Past accomplishments
Since I don't have any of our old data I will start with our reforming on Mal'ganis under bad guys.

N/H/M [20 man] Hellfire Citadel 13/13
World - 2,328 U.S. - 596 Realm - 29
N/H/M [20 man] Emerald Nightmare 7/7
World - 2,602 U.S. 786 Realm - 41

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