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Hey team, I just wanna address something that's been a bit of concern as of late. As a mythic raider you are required to bring your A game to each mythic raid dungeon encounter. I know we have some bosses that we've killed and we are technically 4/7 atm. But that doesn't mean they are on farm and we can be "lax" about giving it our all each attempt.

So with that being said I wanna remind each of you that you are REQUIRED to bring raiding mats to each raid that includes :

Food (375, its cheap. There is no excuse to not have it.)
Flasks (Again, blood of sargeras vendor now, mats are cheaper.)
Prepots (See above^) This means bringing the BEST dps increase for your class. So casters Deadly grace is your go to. Prolonged power is okay but you should still be using your best dps pot to help out the raid. Everything matters.
(Not required yet.) Legion runes - If you can get them, Please use them. It helps. As well as healing potions. They are better than healthstones.

You should also be using vantus runes when available. Usually on progression fights we are trying to beat for the first time. We don't require them every time right?

Also included in this list is :
A positive attitude
All of your gear gemmed/enchanted/upgraded/etc
You research the dungeon journal/youtube ahead of time to know your specific roles for a fight. Granted we will change them occasionally.

I don't care if you parse in the 99% and you feel like you don't have to use them because your dps is good enough. I don't care, the officers don't care, your fellow raid team doesn't care. You are to be using raid mats on EACH and EVERY attempt we make. The rest of your guild is using them and it's not fair for 8-10 ppl to be carrying you for free gear. You are a mythic raider on a mythic raid team. I'm personally tired of see'ing people not caring and not putting forth the effort. The officers and I had a heated conversation over this and it's honestly gotten to the point where I should start looking for people to replace those who don't care. This is a formal warning to EVERYONE. Unless you are specifically told by the officer team that we are no longer requiring raid mats you are to be using them on every attempt. No exceptions. I will personally be following up with those who continue to not help the raid succeed following this week.

This isn't being mean. This is the guidelines we require for everyone who joins our guild. Just because you are on the raid team now does not make you exempt.

I also wanna add one more point to this. If you are low on dps or healing/mitigating damage as tank. Whatever your role might be. Please try to better yourself. Ask for help. Look for resources available on your class forums/discord. Ask someone who is in the same role as you. I ask Xromi and rewtz and shar for advice all the time. Just because I do great doesn't mean I can't do better. You should always be trying to find a way to improve what you can bring to the raid team.
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#13063338 Feb 13, 2017 at 10:51 PM

Just want to highlight some points that was made a few months back. I know I haven't had a positive attitude in raiding and it's probably because I think we as a guild don't hold people to this higher standard. I see some with no enchants or the cheaper ones and also some with no stat agil/str/int gem (not every class needs but most do) I see the same DPS every week with really really bad DPS and never improving... ask for help. We have had many switch classes to be a better fit or because they enjoy playing... I think that's ok but please try your best to grind AP and level up your wep. I haven't been upgrading mine to 54 because of this reason i see others that are really low and why should i try at all to just do more DPS (my rogue has more AP than my DK)

I know the highest parse isn't always the best but every bit helps.
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#13069417 Feb 16, 2017 at 10:57 AM
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Just wanted to touch on this real fast. I wouldn't say we aren't holding people accountable and it's not being addressed. I for one make it a point all the time about people slacking. People not doing mechanics. People constantly dying. Every. Single. Pull. It's rough. We as an officer core know that. I haven't been keeping tabs on if ppl are using pots and flasks/food etc. Making sure they are enchanted like they are suppose to be. You aren't the only person to bring that up. I will definitely look into that myself to see what we can do to solve that problem. I know not everyone has the time to farm/gold/mats etc for stuff during the week bc of kids/work etc. Maybe they just need a little help? Ask them why their stuff is not enchanted and see if maybe they need some help. They could have just forgotten to enchant it. I do it all the time because I forget stuff very easily.

Yes, the same dps are struggling on maintaining a high enough dps to help contribute to the raid. I can ensure you we have talked with the people personally and have tried to help them get better. They may need a trinket. Their class may be under tuned atm. They may not have tier. Like you said their weapon may not be fully upgraded yet so they aren't even close to competing with people of their same skill and ilvl. They may not have their best dps legendary available that would help them more. Ugo is a prime example. He was doing low dps. Got some gear and his trinket and the man is KILLIN it right now. It could be a wide variety of issues. But we will not kick anyone from the raid team or push them away bc of it. Alot of the people who do low dps are doing the mechanics that most of you (Including myself, sometimes.) like to ignore so that the best dps can continue to pump out as much damage as we can. I personally have no issue with this having like Evan just stay on the boss. Rogues are great for just bringing the pain on the boss. I'd rather he stay on the boss when someone else who's not doing nearly the same damage is getting that soak instead of Evan. I think it's a great strategy. Not everyone agrees with me. So sometimes we do it differently. Parses are also sometimes based on the way we do the fight, The time it takes to complete the fight, etc etc. Their are numerous factors that contribute to where your numbers are. Alot of our lower dps will normally always volunteer to sit too and allow us to pick them up once the boss is on farm to get kill credits and the gear they want. Just because everyone else isn't living up to the high standards of their class doesn't mean you can't be. The top dps are trying their hardest to help carry and you should keep upgrading your weapon and bringing the heat like you always do. Just because the bottom isn't doing the same doesn't mean you shouldn't try. We will bring the bottom up with us.

Just remember too we only raid 2 days a week. For 8 hours. We are keeping up with some of the best guilds the world has to offer. They raid 3 days a week. Some of them raid for 4-6 hours each day. That's almost 18 hours of progression a week to our 8 and we are keeping up with them. Cobalt who is a well respected guild on our server is #14 atm. We are sitting at #37. We both have killed the same bosses. They are ranked incredibly low. Only because they killed it slightly faster than we did. We are right there among the best.
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