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Hey team just wanted to let everyone know what the officer team decided about dkp for nighthold. We decided that we are gonna do a point carry over. Whatever your total was for emerald nightmare/trial of valor we took that and squished it if you will. Just like the blizzard stat squish. That's what happen to your dkp. lol

So basically how we did it is that if you had lets say 48.5 dkp total. Your new total going into nighthold is 5.0. We rounded up anything over the half way mark. So if you were at 44.1 you went down to 4.0. If you were close I graciously moved you to the next amount.

The idea behind us doing this is we still want to carry over the loot table from the last tier of raids. #1 because we don't want to do a full reset. #2 It rewards ppl who show up to our raids and we wanna keep rewarding people who keep showing up and are dedicated to the team. #3 we wanted to remove the old loot tables so old raiders and things that mess up our data are gone. #4 It keeps you ahead of newer people coming into the guild or people who decide they don't wanna come to raids.
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