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7/7 Heroic, Xavius down!

Gingersnáp / Oct 02, 2016
Well, we made short work of heroic and normal team. 1 shot all of normal. Blazed through heroic in 1 week. Only 4 attempts on Xavius and he was down. Now we begin our journey through mythic. I wanna say thank you to the entire team for bringing your A game and coming prepared and really trying to get us through content. I know it's not easy and it's been expensive but I think we really have proved how great of a team we can be. I look forward to us crushing mythic and proving how good we really are.


Great job team! Is there anyway to open the picture and see it larger?
I'm not so sure there is. I could add our pictures to the gallery if you guys want and you can view them from there.

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